5 Popular WordPress Page Builders – Which One is the Best Option for You?

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WordPress page builder plugins transform a WordPress editor into a drag and drop web design software. These plugins each have a specific type of user in mind and knowing the skill level needed for each WordPress page builder can help to avoid learning curves. We have specifically tried all of these builders and this is Yoh Digital’s opinion on WordPress page builder plugins.


Elementor is a diverse drag and drop WordPress page builder. It is designed to be friendly for graphic designers or developers. It is a live page builder plugin which makes it easy to fine-tune padding and margin. You can then drag and drop widgets from the left panel to your section. Elementor comes with tons of widgets, content blocks, and page templates. From image and text widgets to advanced blogrolls, and video backgrounds, Elementor has what you need to build a modern well-structured website.

 Starting from $49 a year for the single site license.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a 50/50 builder. What that means is that, if you are a graphic designer that doesn’t know HTML  or CSS, you will struggle to build wireframes and structure landing pages. Adding additional elements, updating text, and changing basic color options, are all easily accomplished with Beaver Builders slick drag and drop user experience.

Pricing: Starting at $99 dollars annually for the standard option.

Divi WordPress Page Builder

Divi WordPress Builder is very similar to Elementor. The only downside is that the content stacks can get confusing. It is not a 100%  visual page builder, like Elementor. However, Divi has some amazing page templates to choose from and we enjoyed creating websites with this builder.

Pricing: Starting at $89 dollars annually per year

Site Origin Builder

Site Origin Page Builder is very developer friendly. The user must have comprehensive knowledge of web development to complete a web design by themselves. The visual builder is a little laggy in our experience and it gets hard to keep track of all of the custom CSS IDs.  Graphic Designers beware of this builder.

Pricing: Free to start, premium offer once you start using the builder.

WP Bakery Builder

WP Bakery Builder will require coding knowledge to complete an entire website. The feel of the builder reminded us of Site Origin and we instantly tried another builder. We have done a few development jobs using this builder, and for a developer it is really is great.

Pricing: Starting at $45 annually

Want a WordPress page builder installed? Yoh Digital can install, convert your web design to use the builder, and train your organization on the WordPress page builder of your choice.

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Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

I help creative agencies, project managers, and marketing consultants with building their client's web projects. I'm currently the owner of a small web development firm located in Winston-Salem, and I'm constantly on the lookout to connect with like-minded developers and creatives who love what they do.

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