Switching from Wix to WordPress Offers More Value to Your Clients

switch from wix to wordpress

Making basic changes in WordPress can be a nightmare because simple tasks like updating the nav menu aren’t straightforward. Luckily, with WordPress’s history of over twelve years, developers have made tons of plugins to help transform WordPress with many different functions. Switching from Wix to WordPress is crucial due to the ever-changing consumer demands and the rise of automation. Your clients and customers are starting to demand more functionality and not answering their demands will slowly deminish your websie’s traffic.

More Design Options

Wix has a little over 500 templates available to start with when designing on their platform. The templates tend to be repetitive, and when it comes to adding modern design elements the builder is limited. WordPress has over 5,000 themes to choose from, and if you know how to do front-end website development, you will have full control over how your website can look. For those who don’t have coding knowledge, WordPress page builder plugins are great options to have drag and drop design elements like Wix. Elementor is our favorite wordpress pagebuilder, but here are 5 Popular WordPress Page Builders that are actively used and updated.

Full Customization Over The Platform

With WordPress you can turn the user dashboard into a custom client portal, where your clients can update the website, add or upload content, and be given limited access as needed.

Search Engine Optimization

Wix is a great start for someone who is a beginner with SEO, but in order to fully apply Modern Day SEO Techniques, you will see the need to move over to WordPress. From a technical SEO standpoint, Wix still lacks a lot of core, fundamental elements. Due to the overhead and other components within their code, their websites are often very slow. Also, you can not freely customize your XML sitemap or robots.txt file. While Wix has certainly made improvements in this area, Wix’s SEO tools still lack in comparison to WordPress.

More Plugins on WordPress

As your client’s needs start to change, and new functionality is required to meet the needs of their customers, you will find that Wix is very limited in their app market.

How to Switch from Wix to WordPress

Below are some popular tutorials that walk you through switching from Wix to WordPress.

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

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