The Importance of an SSL Certificate for your Website

importance of an ssl

SSL Certificates are data filters that hold a cryptographic key to a businesses authenticity. When activated on a website correctly, a padlock and the https protocol will show up in the top left portion of the browser. SSL can be used to secure many types of data, but most websites will want SSL to be able to process credit card transactions directly on their site securely. Here are some of the reasons for the importance of an SSL Certificate for your Website in 2019.

1. SSL Websites Appear Safe to the Users

Having an SSL certificate proper installed on your website’s server will show the user a little padlock in the top left corner of the web browser. Web browsers like Chrome and Firefox are warning the user if a site is insecure. The fact that the most popular web browsers are now warning users that a website is insecure is the main reason why every website needs SSL. Think about it, If you visit a site and get a red message saying your connection to this say isn’t safe, and hackers might be able to access your personal information, wouldn’t you hit the back button?

2. SSL Secures Your User’s Personal Info

So what does an SSL do? When you input your personal information into a website, via a web form, you are sending that data utilizing the website’s server. An SSL encrypts the interactions with the site’s server and secures your data through an encrypted key.

3. Google Flags sites without SSL as insecure

Like stated previously, Google Chrome is flagging sites that are not secure and warning the users that the website they are visiting is unsafe. Google does not openly say that websites without SSL will be penalized on Google search. However, from our experience, we have noticed that it has been a lot faster to rank on the first page of Google for websites that have SSL protocol installed on their web servers.

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

I help creative agencies, project managers, and marketing consultants with building their client's web projects. I'm currently the owner of a small web development firm located in Winston-Salem, and I'm constantly on the lookout to connect with like-minded developers and creatives who love what they do.

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