Elementor Theme Builder Explained


Elementor Pro is one of the most powerful page builders available on WordPress and using the theme builder is one of the most powerful features available. Please, note that the theme builder is only available for Elementor Pro customers.

What is the Elementor Theme Builder?

Elementor’s Theme Builder allows the user to create templates that can be applied to pages, posts, and content types based off of conditions set by the user. For example, the user can design a navigation bar that appears throughout the entire site, and whenever the user updates something on that header template, it will change throughout the entire site. Pretty cool, huh?

This feature saves so much time because in the past you would have to create a WordPress child theme and custom code the child theme’s PHP files in order to manipulate the theme’s overall page layouts.

What can be built using the Elementor Theme Builder?


Header templates can be used to build navigation bars, and hero sections that can be displayed across multiple pages, archives, and post types throughout your entire website.


Build awesome footers that make a statement, and choose which pages to display the footers on based off of certain conditions.


Archives keep all of your blog posts and content in one spot. With the ability to design blog archives in Elementor’s Theme Builder, you will never have trouble designing an amazing blog roll!

Single Pages and Posts

Determine how specific pages and post layouts will look based off of conditions.


Design sections that you plan on reusing and have the ability to easily import your sections into new web pages that you are building.


By far the coolest and most advanced theme building option is the pop-builder. This allows the user to create pop-ups and set triggers, conditions, and more.

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

Andrew Hewitt | Yoh Digital

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